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Show the different aspects of your project and the steps that you want to take with the Waterfall Arrow Diagram for PowerPoint. This Waterfall Arrow Diagram for PowerPoint is designed to allow you to elaborate on your different talking points and the steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal by breaking down different aspects of each step that you need to take. There are different slides for every step that needs to be taken.

These slides present the main step at the top of the page where you can edit in what the step is in brief. Following that, you can use the color coded water fall that comes beneath it in order to determine the smaller aspects of each step that needs to be taken, including ideas such as the time needed to complete the step, the information that you expect to receive from this step, the results that you expect to see and more. You can put down notes in each one thanks to the fully editable text beneath them. This text can include your talking points so that you can elaborate on them clearly in your meeting. Each one has a different color and icon associated with it that you can change according to your needs and to make it unique to your specific business style and product type. This Waterfall Arrow Diagram for PowerPoint allows you an easy to digest way to get the point of the project across to the company members.

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