The Stakeholder Model for PowerPoint

  • The Stakeholder Model for PowerPoint
  • The Stakeholder Model for PowerPoint
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The Stakeholder Model for PowerPoint allows you to break down the different aspects of your company and show in a meeting what each one is and what it means to the company. This PowerPoint slide collection features a number of different slides that break these down. You can talk first about the customer base that you have; the shareholders and investors that are part of the company; the climate and ecology of your business’ location as well as the way that it affects your business; the employee base and how everyone works to bring the company to life; the suppliers that bring the products you need and manufactures your products; and the local community that shows how you are making an impact where you are. Each part of this diagram has different colors and icons that are associated with it that you can change to suit your unique business type. It also has blurbs under each part of the diagram so that you can put brief information in there to remind you what talking points you feel the need to elaborate on during a meeting. You can break down each individual part of the main diagram, such as the customer base and how the different markets in different parts of the world are performing; the amount being invested in the company; the ratio of employees and what sort of metrics they are meeting and so much more for a clear and comprehensive overview of the company.

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