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The Scrum Software Development Process is a project management system that is ideal for software development specifically. In the Scrum Software Development Process, a sprint planning meeting is often talked about in terms of what the desired outcome is. This is usually a dedication to a set of features that can be developed in the oncoming sprint . This takes place instead of entry criteria, validation criteria, task criteria and exit criteria which is what is normally done in a typical methodology.

Scrum Software Development Process is important in the way that it relies almost solely on a cross-functional and self-organizing team. There should be no overall team leader that is in charge of deciding what person will complete what task or how a problem is definitely going to be solved. These are issues that are to be decided by an entire team. Cross functional means that everyone is needed in order to implement a feature into the plan or meeting. Scrum teams are often given support through two specific roles. The first role is a master who can be thought of as a type of semi-leader or a coach for the rest of the team which helps the members of the team use the Scrum Software Development Process to make the most out of everything, while the product owner represents the customers, business or users to guide the team in the right direction. The Scrum Software Development Process system allows you to do this.

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