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The Scamper Technique PowerPoint Diagram focuses on the Scamper technique. This technique was very first conceived when a man needed to address different questions that can help solve issues and make someone more creative during the brainstorming process in a meeting. The name SCAMPER stands for different parts of this process: substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to a different use, eliminate and reverse. These are all the crucial questions that are needing to be addressed to help with the creative thought processes in brainstorming meetings.

Making the mind to think in a specific manner can help improve the emergence of new ideas that might not be possible to conceive when using a normal flow of thinking. This technique wants to provide different approaches to a problem in order to make innovation and creativity an easier process. Substitute means finding out what parts of the product, solution or service can be replaced with a different one such as a product that can be substituted without affecting the project as a whole. Combine is the process of analyzing the possibility of bringing two ideas together to form a singular and more efficient output. Adapt refers to the discussion during brainstorming that lets a product be adjusted to serve a better function in the market. Modify talks about changing the process in such a way that it will bring on more solutions to products. Put to a different use discusses how this product can be used in another way; eliminate talks about what can be removed to improve the results and reverse demonstrates what can be done to change the order of the process to make it more efficient. Explore all of this with the Scamper Technique PowerPoint Diagram.

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