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The Risk Tolerance PowerPoint Template allows you to define risk management through a process called risk tolerance. This is the company’s ability to withstand the different risks that are associated with your line of business and decide which risks are intolerable and tolerable. It is the willingness of a person or a company to avoid or accept a risk. There are always going to be those in a group of people that can be considered risk takers, and there are those who avoid risk at all cost. It is important to understand the difference between the two and how to use their unique perspectives to the company’s advantage.

The ability to choose what to do is related to risk tolerance. Acceptable risks are the ones that the customer deems tolerable. This means a risk in spending their money in order to get what they want, as that is not always the case. A different customer might view the risk as negative, one that tells them not to spend more money on a better product as they might still think the product will fail to meet their expectations.

In the Risk Tolerance PowerPoint Template, you can examine risk tolerance through a highly visual medium. The tolerances are broken down into colorful layers of a pyramid. Higher risk is at the top, while lower risk sits at the bottom. Beside each risk, you can elaborate. The following slides allow you to look at risk in different ways with graphs and more.

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