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A practical strategy plan for digital marketers everywhere, RACE Planning Framework for PowerPoint is something that is made to help those in this profession manage and plan their activities. This method, which stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage, helps to summarize the main online marketing strategies and activities that need to be under management in order to achieve one’s goals in digital marketing. It covers the entire customer lifecycle because of it.

The RACE Planning Framework for PowerPoint helps you achieve each of these aspects of the marketing plan in a clear and easy to use way. First, it touches on Reach. Reach means building an awareness of your brand or company. It shows off its products and services along with your offline media and your websites in order to get them all in order. It helps you understand how to create a good web presence on a main site, on social media and on any smaller sites.

Act is short for interact which talks about your interaction between different sites and your customers. It is all about persuading the visitors of your site to interact with it and hopefully make some sales. This is also a good step for figuring out how to generate leads. Convert stands for converting those interactions into sales themselves. It talks about getting your audience to take the next step toward buying something and turning into paying customers. Engage is a long-term process that involves more long-term relationships with the customer and keeping them sustained.

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