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Maturity in this sense is a measurement of the ability of a company to improve continuously in a certain discipline. The higher the maturity rating, the higher the chances will be that errors and incidents will help with improvements both in the use of resources or the quality of the discipline that has been put forth by the organization. Many maturity models show processes, structures, people, culture, objects and technology.

There are two different approaches that can be used for seeing maturity modeled. The top down approach is a number of maturity stages that is specified first and elaborated on later to support the initial idea of how maturity can evolve. When you use a bottom up approach, you can understand the distinct characteristics that are determined first and put together in a second step, inducing a more generalized view of the evolution of maturity.

This Maturity Model for PowerPoint focuses on stages such as initial, development, define, manage and optimize. Each page is colorful and fully editable. The first slide allows you to provide a general overview of each of these stages. You can offer short blurbs that introduce what it is that you will be discussing. The following pages are equally as editable and colorful. Each of these pages allows you to elaborate on the points that you provided in the overview in order to go into detail about each one. Different types of graphs are explored in order to make this process easier to consume.

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