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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) offers an overview of a company or their products that are aimed to help protect the data of their employees or customers. The slides are broken down into several different sections, six to be exact, for you to discuss and elaborate upon. These include lawfulness, fairness and transparency; purpose limitations; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitations; and integrity and confidentiality. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fully editable and allows you to choose precisely how you want everything laid out and oriented. It comes with a selection of color choices and icons for you to use and allows you to insert your own to make it more memorable.

The first page provides a place for you to insert a large photograph and detail in plenty of space what you believe to be lawfulness, fairness and transparency. The second slide offers you a place to talk about data minimization by breaking one main point down into three different points, each one with their own space to talk further about what you mean. The storage limitations page offers a bar graph that is color coded for you to input information about the storage problems you might face. You can elaborate upon each one in the section off to the right. Your integrity and confidentiality page comes next and features a Venn diagram. Talk about what each of these things means individually as well as the way in which they intersect in crucial ways.

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