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Explaining gender in the workplace can be a bit tricky. That said, it is an important thing to do if you want to get down to business under Equal Opportunity Employment terms. It is also good for exploring the different ratios of the different genders to those in your business. This Gender Infographic for PowerPoint shows you the different ways to break down these gender figures in a way that is simple for those in your business meeting to digest. It features the image of both men and women with colors that correspond to different parts of the gender ratio in the company so that you can break down this information with ease.

The Gender Infographic for PowerPoint is a fully editable and customizable set of PowerPoint slides that allow you to break down the different parts of gender in the company. You can talk about anything in these slides. Each slide has colors that are tacked on to the different body parts like limbs and heads, as well as chests and legs, used to measure different aspects of the gender presentation in the company. These colors correspond with different items to the left and right sides of the page so that you can elaborate on each point, making it simple to develop easy talking points about each one. One of the slides features a more realistic diagram of the male and female bodies, while the other slides feature classic male and female silhouettes to get the point across.

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