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The Cynefin Framework is useful for those who make decisions, especially when it concerns their company, government, or organization. The policy-makers, managers, and even small business owners who must make the best decisions about the direction that needs to be taken will use the Cynefin Framework as their guide.

What is the Cynefin Framework?

Created in the early 2000s at IBM, the Cynefin Framework is designed to make better sense about how to arrive at conclusions based on available information. The term “Cynefin” comes from the Welsh and means “habitat”. The diagram shows five different areas or domains to help those in decision-making positions to better perceive situations and make sense of everyone’s behavior in that regard. The five domains are as follows;

  • Complex: Probe, Sense, & Respond
  • Complicated: Sense, Analyze, & Respond
  • Chaotic: Act, Sense, & Respond
  • Simple: Sense, Categorize, & Respond
  • Disorder

. By focusing your efforts on the four main areas, you can make better sense of issues and find appropriate solutions. The rest of the categories are straightforward;

Complex: These are unknown/unknowns. You can only analyze once they become known.

Complicated: The known/unknowns or when cause and effect generates several reasonable answers.

Chaotic: Not enough information has been gathered to either analyze or come up with a solution.

Simple: This represents what is known in a stable situation. Cause and effect are clear, so solutions are readily apparent.

Disorder: Located in the center where the other four domains revolve around, it really is the catch-all for situations that do not apply to the other four areas.

The first step is the ready identification of the issue and where it can be placed on the diagram. Once it is properly categorized, then the next actions become apparent. Although not ideal, the Cynefin Framework is one that offers order and priorities when it comes to finding solutions, especially in complex areas where analysis can go astray.

Created by Dave Snowden as part of IBM Global Services, the model is designed to capture the intellectual capital that is found within the company itself. Starting in 1999 and developed over the next few years, the framework’s primary goal was to take the complexities of problems in today’s ever-changing world and make them more understandable so that solutions could be better implemented.

When placed into the visual representation of a PowerPoint diagram, it helps to explain your points and provides avenues to create practical solutions. In addition, the diagram itself is cleanly rendered so that all the important aspects become readily apparent. For those who use PowerPoint frequently, having this diagram available makes many of your presentations easier to convey if your goal is problem-solving.

Plus, the diagram provides a great way to help you in your own work when trying to overcome issues in ways that make the most practical sense. So, for presentations and for your personal use, the Cynefin Framework PowerPoint Design offers considerable advantages all in a unique presentation.

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