Powerpoint Timeline Templates

Present your data, events or milestones in chronological order with one of our PowerPoint timeline templates from our extensive collection of PowerPoint timeline slides. Visualize past, present, and future events, track key elements of a business plan, or map out important projects. Use our editable PowerPoint timeline templates to quickly and easily create your own timelines for use in your presentation.

Latest PowerPoint Timeline Templates

What is a timeline?

A timeline is a method of presenting information in a sequence of chronological events. Typically timelines help visualize the historical events that relate to a subject. Events or milestones are listed along a line in date order, usually in ascending order from left to right but there are also horizontal timelines in which case dates are listed in ascending order from top to bottom.

What is a PowerPoint timeline?

Visually, timelines have come a long way from a basic line with points on. Increasingly, timelines are being created in PowerPoint and turned into creative infographics that combine text, images and icons. PowerPoint is even being used to innovatively create multi-slide PowerPoint timelines that cover several different slides.