• Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Differentiation
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Focused Differentiation
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Hybrid
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Increased Price Low Price
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Increased Price
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Low Price Value
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – Low Price
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock – low Value Standard Price
  • Bowman’s Strategy Clock

The Bowman’s Strategy Clock is a model that is often used in marketing environments. Its purpose is to help a company analyze and understand the competitive place that the company currently holds when compared to the things that their competitors offer. It has been thought that a competitive advantage is in direct relation to a cost advantage and it represents eight different strategies in four different quadrants. These rest along an axis of perceived added value and an axis of price. The shape that results is a star and it looks similar to a clock face which is where the name comes from.

This strategy uses these core options: low price& low added value; low price; hybrid;  differentiation; focused differentiation; risky high margins; monopoly pricing; and loss of market share. By examining the different combinations of perceived value and cost, a company can start to pick a position of advantage that makes the most sense out of the company’s ability. It is a great way to examine how to first establish and then sustain a position in a competitive market and economy. Once a company can understand the main positions of the Bowman’s Strategy Clock, the company can look at their current strategy and see if there are any adjustments that could be made in order to improve their chances of success.

The Bowman’s Strategy Clock PowerPoint comes with the star shaped clock set up for you. It sits on the two axes that need to be determined in order to figure out the information above.

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