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The BCG Matrix for PowerPoint, short for Boston Consulting Group, is an idea designed to help those looking to plan a long-term strategy, to develop or discontinue a product or to help a business look at different growth opportunities by looking at its products to decide where they need to invest. The matrix is divided into four different categories: dogs, question marks, stars and cash cows.

The dogs represent products that have low market share or growth; the question marks represent products that have high growth markets but are low in market share; the stars represent products that have high market share and high growth markets; and the cash cows represent low growth markets with a high market share. The idea is to remove any of the dogs from the product list since they are draining the company’s resources. The question marks are designed to be invested in, in order to push them into what they call the stars. The stars are usually the market leaders that require continued investment in order to sustain them, and the cash cows are often the most well-established products that offer the most money.

The BCG Matrix for PowerPoint comes with plenty of slides that allow you to discuss the BCG matrix in all of its parts. The presentation shows different slides that present the information in unique ways in order to make the points really stick. There is room to elaborate on each one of the points.

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