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Archimedes’ principle is a law of buoyancy in psychics. Archimedes was the world’s best scientist in the classical age. He was an engineer, astronomer, mathematician, inventor, and a physicist. Most of his theories and inventions are used in today’s world. One of the greatest theory was the principle of buoyancy.

According to Archimedes, any object that is partly or fully submerged in liquid has the same buoyant force as the weight of the liquid. If you fill a glass to the top with water and add ice cubes to the glass; what will happen? The water will spill out when you add the cubes.

If you weigh the water that fell out, it would be equal to the buoyant force. With the help of buoyant force, you can easily determine the average density or the volume of the object.

For example, a ship will sink into the water unless the weight of the displaced water is equal to the weight of the ship. When the ship is loaded, it sinks a little deeper. This will displace more water; the buoyant force will match the weight of the cargo and its ship. In case the weight of the object is less than displaced fluid, the object will rise.

Using this theory, Archimedes was able to prove the crown was not made using the pure gold. When Archimedes placed the crown in the water, the volume of the water displaced was different than that of the gold. Though the weight of the gold and crown was the same, the volume was different.

Usages of the Archimedes Principle

Archimedes’ principle is considered a wonderful and flexible tool. This can be used to determine the volume of the various objects. It is a great theory that explains the behaviors of the objects when placed into the fluid.

Thanks to the Archimedes’ principle, people know how hot air balloons fly, how ships float on the water, and submarines go into the water. This principle is widely used in scientific research in the fields of engineering, entomology, geology, and medical.

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