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Getting organized when you are starting up a business or working on an established one is a similar process. It requires plenty of understanding on the part of everyone that is involved. The 6 Processes Arrow Diagram allows you to break down a presentation into easy-to-read talking points to get everyone on the same page.

With the 6 Processes Arrow Diagram, you can break down the different aspects of your business model, plan of action, steps that need to be taken to meet a goal, modules that need to be completed in order to train on new positions and more. No matter what points you need to elaborate upon, the 6 Processes Arrow Diagram makes it a simple process. It is color coded with three shades of green and three shades of blue. This makes it simple to divide similar talking points into two sections to elaborate upon or break them down completely into six different segments to speak about separately.

With each different, fully editable place on the 6 Processes Arrow Diagram, you can title your thoughts. Use the circle to organize what you want to say. When you click on the briefly outlined talking point, it will isolate the icon you clicked. That icon points toward a box that you can use to edit in longer points that you want to discuss in a clear and concise way. In the center of the circular diagram is an icon. You can edit the icon to be anything that you want so that it best suits your business.

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