How to Print PowerPoint Slides with Notes

Printing PowerPoint slides is a fairly straightforward task. In fact, you’ve probably done this task more times than you care to remember. However, printing the slides with the corresponding speaker notes is a different matter. In our latest how-to guide we’re going to show you step by step how to print PowerPoint slides with notes.

Step 1: Click File, Then Print

This is the easiest step and one that everybody who uses Microsoft products knows how to do.
Click on the “File” button in the top left corner and then hit the “Print” option.

Step 1 - Select: File > Print
Step 1: Select “File > Print”

Step 2: Select Print Settings

Find the “Settings” option located on the “Print” panel. Once you have arrived on that screen, click on the second drop-down box which usually has the “Full Page Slides” option selected by default. Then, under the “Print Layout” heading, choose the “Notes Pages” button.

Step 2 - Select Print Settings
Step 2: Select Print Settings
Step 2.1 - Select Print Settings
Step 2.1: Select Print Settings

When you go to print it, the output will have one slide on one page with the notes underneath. Of course, you can take a look at the “Preview” on your computer before you hit print to make sure that you like the layout.

Step 3: Print Settings Continued

Now that you have the “Notes Pages” selected, you don’t need to worry about the speaker’s text anymore. So, move on to filling out the rest of the print settings (i.e. how many copies, which slides you want to print, etc.).

Step 4: Print

All that is left to do is for you to click on the “Print” button!

Step 4 - Select Print
Step 4: Select Print

Even though it is a fairly simple process, we’ve found that the majority of PowerPoint users aren’t aware of it. From now on, you can be the one impressing your friends with this handy little piece of knowledge.