5 Reasons PowerPoint Is Not Dead – It’s More Important Than Ever

PowerPoint is not dead

There are a lot of pundits that will tell you that Powerpoint is dead. Honestly, it’s not, but there are some that want you to work with something else. Even though there are a few options that you can pursue, the best options are actually not going to match the power that this solution has. Powerpoint is a great option, and it is not dead, in fact, it’s more important than ever before. In fact, the following are just 5 reasons why it matters today.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

Billions of people have installed this solution. In fact, it’s not even a matter of samples, or free solutions. Even though some computers have trial versions, people spend a great deal of money to pay for this program, and it is a standard of business. Businesses all over the world use this on a regular basis, to the tune of a billion installs. This is not exaggeration, either, it’s a literal number.

Even though people want to make fun of the program, slide shares in general, and even blame it for lack of reading in the board room, it’s a staple in nearly every major corporation in the world. There are few companies listed on the Fortune 500 list right now that don’t use this program on a daily basis. It’s the golden standard for presentations, and sharing. In some circles, it is even used over Excel.

Graphic Design Is Built In

Did you know that Powerpoint has a graphic design program built into it? That’s right, you can start with a blank page and create your own graphics, edit them, or import them. You do not need a secondary graphics program if you don’t want one. You can use this program to create graphics, edit them, make them transparent, shift image quality, and do a great deal of work within the program.

You may not know how to use these elements, but if you take a little time to learn a few tricks, you will not leave this presentation powerhouse. You can use custom stock images, graphics, photographs, moving images, and so much more. While Photoshop and Illustrator are great, this program has a lot of the same components, and can help you create incredible files, and graphics with multiple layers. The versatility that Microsoft has put into this program is often overlooked, which is unfortunate.

Video Production Also Built In

One of the golden standards of marketing and presentations relies heavily on video. Video is an important thing, and millions use it on a regular basis. PowerPoint has a built-in video production element. You can use illustrations, animation, and much more. With a little bit of work, you can create a video from your presentation and save it as a WMV file. You can use that to convert to MP4 or any number of other formats.

Fans of flash animation will love the transitional stages found with this presentation software, but with a little added touch of modernity. Flash was great, no doubt, but from Powerpoint 2010 and forward, Microsoft has built in a lot of elements that help you produce videos from presentations fast. You can even upload them to YouTube, and no one would be the wiser as to where or how you created them.

Create Print Books and Catalogs

Companies have discovered that this solution doesn’t just work for presentations, it can build technical documents, magazines, and much more. In fact, you can export to PDF and format like a magazine spread. You can print out elements that look exactly like a textbook, magazine, or technical manual. If you have used options like Quark in the past, you will find that this solution can handle a great deal of different components like it. The diversity of the program once again comes to the forefront, as you build your book, manual, or any type of print publishing element.

Powerpoint Allows For Easier Visual Learning

Lastly, one of the best reasons why you may want to give Powerpoint a second look is because it’s a powerful visual learning tool. One of the most powerful elements that education has is visualization. When you can bridge the gap between text and visualization, you will find that education becomes a lot easier. People today use visuals to communicate more than ever, and this program helps create that environment in nearly any arena. From corporate offices to classrooms, learning with visual aids becomes a simple thing to work with thanks to this program.